uBot-EOD A10/uBot-EOD A20
uBot-EOD A10/uBot-EOD A20

The device is designed for carrying and removing explosives and other suspicious harmful hazardous, destroying bombs, investigating and transferring scene images on-time, which are done by people traditionally and avoid unnecessary casualties.
The device is made of robot, mechanical arm with 6 DOF, Cloud monitor system and Remote Control Terminal. The operator controls the robot and its arm by Remote Control Terminal.This device has been used at 2010 Shanghai Expo, Fire special forces, garrison headquarters and public security bureau.

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  • Crawler structure, adaptive to various roads, including muddy ground, the bushes, sand etc
  • Be able to climb 30° stairs and 35° slope
  • Advanced waterproof technology, available to be used on rainy day and under water
  • 6 DOF mechanical arms can be extended in narrow area, grab and remove suspicious objects
  • Small size,light weight,portable,individual bearable
  • Rapid assignment and respond,multiple DOF
  • remote control image, easy to operate
  • customized development

Application profile

  • Dispose dangerous explosives
  • Fire, counterterror and security
  • Search on disaster and catastrophe
  • Biochemical detection
  • To remove mines under the road
  • To detect bomb in the vehicle
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