Mobile DVR (Single Module)
Mobile DVR (Single Module)

This device has high degree of integration modularized design, small dimension, portability etc characteristics. It combines to the GPS/Beidou satellite navigation and  position system terminal and wireless video transmission perfectly. It could dock to the GPS/Beidou platform seamlessly. Provide excellent service which can offer the real-time living videos and the record of transmitted video data.
The Mobile DVR use the high integrated modular with great extendable ability. The advanced video compression technology enhance the video’ quality of low code rate and high quality. Meanwhile, the device supports technology: built-in GPS/Beidou 4 channel video inputs, 2.5/3G network module,SD card recording.
For the effective manage, the auto wireless DVR offer GPS and two-way voice technology.

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  • Support 4 channels video input, CIF or D1 resolution
  • H.264 compression coding, ADPCM(G.726) audio compression
  • Support SD card recording
  • Stock to GPS/Beidou platform seamlessly
  • Dual stream skill, videotape, remote video real-time transmission and remote
  • acces
  • Support two-way voice transmission
  • Automatic station report

Industrial Design

  • Breezeless design, nature heat dissipation
  • Mini frame design, securely hide
  • Support SD card recording
  • Wide Work Voltage  DC9~36V
  • Standardize Connect assembly
  • High integration design, can built-in
  • GPS/Beidou and 2.5G/3G network module
  • Support cradle head control

Range of Product

  1. TH-V2146 series
  2. TH-V2146_BD series
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